Part 3: American Palladianism

Part 3 – American Palladianism

Lecture Summary:

This presentation will explore the ways that architectural forms and details that define Palladianism came to America and the way this has informed and enriched American architecture over the the last three hundred years.

Using numerous illustrations, Calder Loth’s webinar presentation will offer an overview of the direct and indirect impact of Palladio’s I Quattro Libri on the American architectural image.

Calder Loth Biography:

Calder Loth is the retired Senior Architectural Historian of the Virginia Department of Historic Resources. He is the vice-president of the Center for Palladian Studies in America and serves on the Advisory Council of the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art where he lectures on architectural literacy and related topics. He was a co-curator of the RIBA traveling exhibition “Palladio and his Legacy, a Transatlantic Journey,” 2008-10. Loth is the author of Congressional Resolution 259 honoring the 500th anniversary of Palladio’s birth, passed unanimously.