We are thrilled to announce AFBAL’s support of Palladian Design: The Good, The Bad and the Unexpected which opens on September 9th in The Architecture Gallery at 66 Portland Place, London.

It is a fitting and lasting tribute to AFBAL’s mission to support this exhibition following Charles Hind’s recent US lecture tour, Palladianism: Four Centuries of Style as well as the US Palladio exhibition tour in 2010.

The RIBA Collections contain over 350 drawings and sketches by Andrea Palladio; the world’s largest assemblage of his drawings — a staggering 85% of all those in existence.

The exhibition is designed by architects Caruso St John and takes its inspiration from the interior of Palladio’s villas and the way that his Four Books of Architecture have been used by generations of architects. The palette will reference Villa Caldogno’s frescos. Palladian Design is generously supported by the Blavatnik Family Foundation, The Headley Trust and the American Friends of the British Architectural Library.

Please go to architecture.com for more information.