On Wednesday 21st September, American Friends and Patrons are invited to the opening of RIBA’s autumn installation in our London HQ. ‘We Live in the Office’ is a site-specific commission by Giles Round drawing on RIBA’s collections and exploring the tension between the changing interior and static exterior of buildings. We will be turning RIBA inside out with talks, films, workshops and activities working between graphics, design, art, architecture, interiors, and set design.

Please note that Benefactors and Founders will also be invited to an intimate dinner to celebrate RIBA’s artistic and architectural collaborations.

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Artist Giles Round found inspiration in the RIBA Collections including Berthold Lubetkin’s drawing of an Unexecuted alternative design for a prefabricated house front, 100 Houses Scheme, Thorntree Gill Housing, Peterlee from 1944. © RIBA Collections